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Want to see the tools and resources I use in my business to help me save time and be more profitable? Checkout my favorites and take it for a test drive. 

Easy to use website platform for small business.  

Not only allows you to safely and securely storage your business files, but, if you’re working with other people, it makes it easy for you to collaborate on shared documents. The basic plan is free.

Makes my business so organized. It’s a tool that I use internally for managing all the backend of my business and for project and client management as well.

Business Tools

Post-it on steroids. I use this app a lot for brain dumps, note taking, bookmarking blog articles, capturing of ideas, writing of IG posts, and drafting blog topic. 

CHA-CHING! Get Paid, contract signed, and client book all in one place. This CRM tools helps me to streamline and automate my client experience. 

Add awesome text to your photos for social media using your phone. A really quick and easy way to keep your social media cohesive.

Love it! an online graphic design tool that even someone like myself can create decent visuals for my blog or social media with!

An app and a Chrome extension that checks your spelling and grammar for you! Love it especially when I’m on my mobile phone to help correct those auto-correct errors. 

Clean and user friendly scheduler. I use it to schedule my consultations or upcoming meetings. 

Legal stuff

Contracts for Wedding /Event Pros 
Reputable and legally sound contracts done for you.

industry tools

 Tools for Wedding /Event Pros 

Ios app
I-Handy level Measure

Cloud based app
All Seated
Create 3D Floor Plans for your event. 

event day essentials

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books that inspire me

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wedding/event start-up


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